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Over 2.5 billion people worldwide are active on social media. Just under a quarter of the global population check Facebook every day. With over 1 billion users, Instagram is the 2nd most downloaded app in the world.

Your customers are on there, and your business should be too.

Social media is one of the most useful online marketing tools in modern advertising, however, it’s important to get it right. We take the time and hassle out of setting up profiles and managing accounts to engage your audience whilst generating website traffic and leads for your business.

Getting your business seen

Our social media managers know how to use social channels to suit your business needs. Using our experience and knowledge, we create data-driven, multi-channel strategies that get your products and services seen by the right people.

Social media services include:

  • Profile set-up: To ensure you’re using the right platforms and get you started
  • Social media branding: To make your business story clear and stand out from the crowd
  • Day-to-day management: To keep content and conversations up to date and consistent
  • Paid-advertising: To develop targeted campaigns and reach more potential customers
  • Training: To help you to do it yourself

Social Media Portfolio