It’s January! The one month of the year where we like to challenge ourselves after a few indulgent weeks of saying “it’s Christmas, I can have what I like!” January is filled with people trying to detox after a few too many mince pies (us included!). Veganuary, Dry January, Januhairy are just a few of the 31 day challenges that people like to take part in. We are here to help you as you come to the end of the second week of Veganuary. We have the privilege that Macclesfield is full of vegan friendly cafés and restaurants and we would love to share a few with you now.


Substation (Queens Avenue), a recent addition to the Macc scene is an indoor bouldering and yoga centre with an amazing vegan/vegetarian café. Its goal is to reduce food waste and become plastic free by the end of its first year. Substation has friendly and knowledgeable staff and their Coconut and Spinach Dhal is so good for chilly January afternoons. Takeaway is also available if you are in a hurry so there is another reason to love them! Not only will you fall for their cosy café but their incredible climbing and yoga facilities.

Photo Credit – Substation

The Button Warehouse

The Button Warehouse (Stanley Street) I mean what can we say, it’s an idyllic, cosy, off the beaten track café with plants on every table. What’s not to love! Plus they have a delicious Vegan Mezze that will make you feel like you are on holiday in the Mediterranean. Their menu also offers jackfruit a great vegan alternative to pulled pork if you are missing your weekly barbeque fix!

Photo Credit – The Button Warehouse

The Rustic Coffee Co

If you are looking for a place to go for your breakfast look no further than The Rustic Coffee Co (Churchill Way). Their vegan breakfast will fill you up for the day ahead with a side of your favourite caffeine beverage. Spend your morning with the lovely staff and dog snapshots displayed around the counter as you enjoy the rewards of sticking with your Veganuary goal.

Photo Credit – Happy Cow

Gurkha Dining

Who doesn’t love a curry? Our friends at Gurkha Dining (Samuel Street) are serving up a storm with their Gurkhali Tinda Massala, a baby pumpkin curry with Nepalese massala! Or why not try the Aloo (potato) curry with their homemade chilli sauce to rid you of that Christmas cold? Transport your senses across the world with the delicate spicy flavours. Just ask and the lovely team can make a dish vegan for you. This is a great way to support a family run business and try some authentic Nepalese cuisine.

Photo Credit – Gurkha Dining

The Monocle Deli

The Monocle Deli (Chestergate) is a charming little café, gallery and shop. They do an amazing job of displaying local artists in their informal exhibits. What a lovely way to relax, take in some art and have one of their sandwiches with hummus, grated carrot and sweet chilli sauce. And they have vegan cheese, what a bonus! Side bar- when February comes around we highly recommend going in for one of their cakes. What an absolute treat! Would you just look at those spectacular creations!

Photo Credit – The Monocle Deli

Where are your favourite cafés to go to during Veganuary? Comment below so we can check them out! (We are always hungry!) And let us know how you get on with our suggestions.