Doing what we can to help the planet is amongst the most trending topics worldwide at the moment. If everyone made the smallest of changes to their habits it could equate to something much bigger!

We thought it would be important to remind you what you can recycle and where you can recycle here in Macclesfield to contribute your bit to the environment.

Household Waste Recycling Centres:

There are many recycling centres located in Cheshire East, our closest being along Congleton Road (SK11 9QP). Here you can recycle almost all of your household waste – it really couldn’t be easier!  

Tesco and Sainsbury’s:

At the Hibel Road Tesco’s (SK10 2AB) in Macclesfield and the Cumberland Street Sainsbury’s (SK10 1BJ), you can also recycle various wastes including paper wastes and other textile materials.

Duke Street Car Park:

Located close enough to the centre of Macclesfield, Duke Street Car Park (SK11 6XP) is also handy to know that you can recycle textile wastes and old books there!

So even if you are making a minor change to your routine, it all counts towards a bigger difference! If you have any other recycling tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us too!