Here at Skyzack we love to support the local businesses in Macclesfield, and it is safe to say we have trialled, tested and consumed a lot of the town’s coffee from the various cafés we have here.  

We have decided to put together a Skyzack’s café guide, recommending to you our favourite places to go for an afternoon brew, whether it’s for a meeting, a lunch or a catch up with a friend.


Our favourite place to go at the moment is most definitely Gastown (@gastownmacc). Gastown’s coffee is gorgeous, whether it’s with skimmed milk, soy milk or iced – you name it, we’ve tried it and we’re hooked!

But the best part about Gastown is the incredible homemade cakes that pair perfectly with the coffee.


Our next recommendation has got to be Rustic Coffee (@rusticcoffeeco1). Rustic coffee is always buzzing and the atmosphere is great. Not only do they do gorgeous coffee but their hot chocolate is also incredible!

Side note: their food is amazing too! You should try their eggs benedict!


Our third coffee of choice will have to be Cherry Blossom Bakery (cherry_blossom_bakery). Cherry Blossom is always more quiet, with a chilled environment, perfect for a relaxed delicious brew. It’s the perfect location to take a break from work and grab a coffee and a snack.

However, we can’t mention Cherry Blossom without mentioning their afternoon tea! Oh…and their gorgeous homemade cupcake selection!


Last but certainly not least, has got to be the one and only Cheshire Gap! Cheshire Gap is always welcoming and is the perfect spot for a bite to eat and a coffee. They have a range of different snacks for lunches and the most gorgeous cakes as well!

As these are our favourite spots at the moment, do let us know what you think and if you try them out!

Here at Skyzack we love finding new spots to have a coffee and a cake, so if there is anywhere you would recommend to us, leave a comment as we would love to try it!