Covid-19. Yes, we all know how the pandemic has affected the digital world, From the boom of click & collect, everyone & their dog working from the couch at home, the list goes on & on.

But the question is: Has the digital marketing landscape changed, specifically for small businesses?

The answer is… Yes. A lot has changed.

Marketing for smaller businesses can be difficult, and finding the time, resources & knowledge to do it on your own can feel impossible, especially with the added stress of Covid.

But, that’s why we’re here to help you, and your small business with some of the following tips.

So, you’re marketing a small business post-Covid…


Graphic on evaluating your a small business after covid, first image of collection.

You need to evaluate your small business, especially post-Covid

What has and hasn’t worked for you? Is your business plan still the same? Ask the right questions and the path will soon become more clear in what needs to change; whether that be a new logo or a new frame of mind, change can be good.

You can head to either our training & support site or contact us on our Skyzack site if you do decide to change up your business, or just need some help on the way to improving your company.

Graphic on targeting customers, second image of collection.

Target the right customers.

Who is your niche? Has your clientele been altered in any way since Covid popped up on the scene?

Ask yourself these questions, you may find your intended target customers aren’t right for your business anymore, which may be daunting at first, but identifying this is the biggest & most positive step to take.

On the topic, you should also reconnect with your potential customers.

By this, we refer to remarketing your customers. Missing out on potential custom is frustrating, so take the time to set up a remarketing campaign to have the opportunity to attain those who you missed out on before.

Actions like creating newsletters, (which we post every month!) & showing social media interaction with other customers & brands makes sure you get their attention again.

Graphic on adapting your marketing a small business after covid, digitally, third image of collection.

Next, make sure you’re fully digitally adapted.

No matter the business type, you should be digitally adapted.

For example; you own a cafe. You may think “Oh, my only customers are the ones who come into my store.”


Takeaways, delivery systems, produce purchasing, online reviews (something we have previously touched upon…), it all comes in hand. And that goes for all businesses, if you have something to sell, make sure you’re selling it!

If you feel a little lost, we’re more than happy to help, with our training services specialising in guiding you through the process.

Graphic on optimising marketing for a small business after covid, fourth image of collection.

And optimise your small business!

From your website to your services on offer, you should continuously be optimising your business.

Optimisation is known as being a key part of digital marketing, but due to the ever-changing environment before us, (mostly caused by Covid), it has developed into a requirement, rather than an elective area.

After evaluating, you should then see what’s working for you, what isn’t & what might be missing. From that, you can optimise your brand in whatever way you see fit.

Businesses of any size need to show their personal development in the form of optimising themselves, so get on it.

We hope these tips come in useful for you, if there’s anything else you personally found helpful in your experience, please do feel free to discuss so in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

The Skyzack Team