Welcome to the October/November 2021 edition of the Skyzack newsletter. These last few months have been especially busy for us, as well as our clients & other local businesses, so let’s jump in shall we?

Blog: Image ALT Text to help with Accessibility and SEO

We’ve been creating blog content specifically to help others learn more about digital marketing. One of our most recent posts was based on alt text, its different areas of importance and how you should use it properly to help your businesses online presence through SEO, accessibility and more.

Have any areas you’d like us to cover? Feel free to leave a comment on our blog post or social media.

Weekly Spotlight: Button Warehouse

You may have seen our new weekly spotlight featured on our social media platforms, this is an adaptation of the feature we included on our previous newsletters.

Our latest spotlight was on the Button Warehouse in Macclesfield, a small café and bar with one of a kind décor and an honorary café pooch named River; which is always a bonus!

We felt since there are so many small businesses that deserve to be seen, we should use our following to give back; if you have any suggestions of local and small businesses in the Cheshire or Derbyshire area for us to check out, please leave a comment or contact us directly.

Restoration Richard 

Restoration Richard is one of our long-term clients, who we have previously created a website for, and recently have made social media content for as well. Fortuna created some dignified and classic posts for them, showing off some of their furniture pieces in their full glory. If you are looking for specialised content for your social media, do get in touch.

Meet Jess and Martha

New Skyzack Instagram Account

Our previous Instagram had unfortunately been disabled, however, we have taken this opportunity to give our Instagram a fresh, new look! If you’d like to join the new journey we’ve embarked upon, give our account a visit and follow.

Thank You!

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