Due to a plethora of smart software and apps available for businesses, it can be time consuming to find ones which are truly useful. Skyzack understands that time is money so we are constantly monitoring the app / software market and looking out for digital tools which really can make a difference in everyday operational activities. We are constantly looking for ways to communicate faster, be more mobile, make more efficient use of time, travel smarter, have more appointments, share information easier and quicker and have as much as possible at our fingertips.

One area where a huge amount of paper is used and time is absorbed is the accounts system. This can be digitised and vastly simplified by the use of cloud based accounting software. Skyzack works hand-in-hand with an award winning, user-friendly (no jargon) accounting software package that enables businesses to do their accounts on the move from any smart device.

Working from home is quite common now, particularly for start-ups, and although it provides a quiet environment it can also cause a sense of isolation. In response to this, Skyzack offers hot desking facilities whereby people can share a work space in our hub (directly opposite Macclesfield railway station) for a few hours a day or a few days a week. The work space is quiet, professional and friendly. The hub can also be used for meetings, workshops and networking. For larger events such as conferences, exhibitions and seminars, we can organise and manage complete booths or stands according to your needs locally, nationally or internationally.

Skyzack is constantly testing and validating new tools and working solutions to allow businesses to concentrate on their core activities while the peripheral support services in operations, administration and accounts are done automatically in the background.