Skyzack is a non-profit organisation set up to (a) help small businesses, including the founder’s own company, with digital marketing and (b) provide employment and valuable experience for young people interested in getting into business for the first time.

Skyzack is run on a club basis and companies join after paying a one-off subscription upon successful completion and handover of a major digital marketing job. Members will then continue to enjoy jobs carried out at preferential club rates and be kept up to date with club news.

Skyzack will always endeavour to carry out work to the highest standards, in reasonable timescales and, by using smart business tools, at costs well below normal market rates.

In view of the nature and reach of digital marketing, it is important that Skyzack Club members understand where Ownership, Responsibility, Permissions and Liability lie in relation to marketing content and its delivery over the internet.


Upon joining the Skyzack Club, full ownership of all work undertaken by Skyzack for, or on behalf of, the joining member to that date is transferred to them in its entirety. Ongoing and future work carried out by Skyzack will similarly be transferred to the member upon completion and payment. This ownership extends to all related copyright and trademarks.


Skyzack Club members are always responsible for all content, created by them, Skyzack or any third party, which is put onto their website, posted on or linked with their social media and email accounts, and shared through any other media platforms. This responsibility extends to ecommerce, email marketing and non-digital (hard copy) marketing material.


The joining member takes full responsibility for their inclusion of any and all brands, trademarks, designs and copyrighted material, in any content produced, shared and/or made public, by them, Skyzack or any third party. Skyzack Club members must ensure that they have permission to extend any related intellectual property rights to Skyzack when Skyzack undertakes work for them.


Skyzack will always endeavour to operate in the best interests of its members, but cannot take responsibility, nor be held liable, for any loss of any kind resulting from (a) work produced or services provided (including third party domain and web hosting, and e-commerce) for their club members, and (b) internet security breaches by any malware or cybercrime.

Skyzack will show the member’s name/logo on its website unless the member requests otherwise.
This document is on the Skyzack website and will be updated as the organisation grows.

A J Tyzack
Date: 24/4/17