The world of office-based work has changed dramatically in 2020. Many of us now working from home either full or part-time. While there are many benefits to WFH, it can be difficult to ensure everyone feels part of the team. Good communication is vital, and as emailing becomes outdated, project management tools are taking over.

Throughout lockdown, the Skyzack team took the opportunity to explore a variety of team and project management tools. This in mind, we’d like to share some of our favourites so far. They have helped us to stay on track throughout this challenging time and to communicate well with our team. These tools likely include some that you have heard of and might be using already but it’s always good to keep them in mind.  


Trello is a free online list-making application that lets you create boards for different topics. You can customise your background with lovely pictures to suit the topic and create lists to keep you on track. Boards can be personal, for your own work, or you can create a collaboration board so everyone can see what takes need to be done. It is very user friendly, getting you set up in no time. There is a paid-for business version however, we feel like it isn’t really needed if you are a small team or entrepreneur. Trello has many great blogs for you to read to discover how it can be helpful to inspire and organise your own team. We use Trello in the hub for our daily tasks and it has increased our productivity greatly. It looks professional but can be customised to your team’s individual personalities. Trello is a great online and mobile app for goal planning and brainstorming on the go.  

How To Use Trello To Manage And Inspire Your Team


This online application is similar to Trello and we use it all the time as well. You can create different folders and allow for team collaboration. It reminders you when you have something due and you can create reoccurring monthly events. You can see what you need to accomplish today and it reminds you of what is to be done tomorrow, which we have found useful. We do prefer it for the bigger picture nature of it instead of individual daily tasks. It sends you an email each day to let you know what’s on your list. Some people may find this helpful, whereas others might find it annoying. Todoist does look more professional but it really depends on what you are using it for and the style that you like. There is also a premium version for this service but we have found that it isn’t needed.  

Todoist Updates Its Web App With New Features And Design | TechCrunch

Microsoft Teams:

Of course, we have to talk about Microsoft Teams. It is a platform that so many people are using if they aren’t already on our other recommendation of Zoom! We have been using Teams throughout lockdown as we can schedule group meetings, have a group chat set up for sending over documents instead of emailing them and talking with individual members of the team. What is great about Teams is that when you send a file it is stored on the chat, easily accessible and it can be edited from there. No more searching through your emails for a document. We love that Teams offers a GIF option and emoji’s in one-to-one chats! If you have a bigger team it might be beneficial to have the premium version. Overall, however, the free version is a great tool for communicating with colleagues whether in or out of the office.  

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Since we have mentioned Teams we thought that it was only fair to talk about Zoom. We don’t use this communication tool in our hub, however, many do. Therefore, even if it is not your primary tool it is good to have it downloaded in case a client wants to use it. Generally, Zoom is more of a personal communication tool than a professional one but it is great for its ‘breakout rooms’. You can divide your team into different ‘rooms’ all on the same call if you are looking for specific people to talk to. Zoom could also be used as a way to keep your team together and enjoy each other’s company outside of work hours with a quiz or Pictionary.  

Zoom screenshot project management tools blog

Let us know if you are using any of these communication, team or project management tools at home or at work and what you think of them. Or if you using any others that we should know about!