We all know that plastic pollution is a threat to the environment. Members of our team have been actively involved in some of the great efforts to help tackle our impacts; such as Veganuary, Meat Free Monday and the rise of zero waste stores. This month, we’re turning our eco-friendly efforts to Plastic-free July. 

“Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities”. 

– plasticfreejuly.org

Eliminating plastic all together from daily life can be hard, especially during lockdown where choice can be limited. By focusing on one area of your life at a time you can slowly build up to be plastic-free. It is the accumulation of small actions that can really make a difference. This in mind, we have 5 tips for making your workplace that little bit more plastic-free. Whether working from home, back in the office or a key worker: there are simple steps we can all take to be more eco-friendly.  

Skyzack’s 5 plastic-free tips.

Reusable Cup/Mug:

Image Credit: mashable.com
  • Having your own mug (we designed our own!) or reusable cup saves thousands of cups going to landfill or oceans. There are so many different types from insulated 18-hour hot cups to glass cork ones, so take your pick! The Rustic Coffee Co is trying to reduce their plastic waste, and sell reusable coffee cups in the cafe.
  • This quick and easy step can also save you some money. If you take your reusable cup to Café Nero, Costa or Greggs you get a discount! 47p (Café Nero), 25p (Costa) and 20p (Greggs). Once the Treacle Market returns, the Mug Library from Macctastic outside Fatface is great if you forget your cup.

Food Containers:

Image Credit: fourstate.co.uk
  • Whether you bring in your lunch or buy it daily, get into the habit of bringing tupperware from home – try asking your favourite local cafe to fill it for you. Use what you have first (e.g an old ice cream tub) before going out and buying a new product. However, if you do need to purchase something new opt for bamboo, glass or metal containers. Alternatively, the beeswax (or vegan) food wraps from Hadfields are great for wrapping your sandwiches in!

Office wardrobe:

  • Did you know that there is enough clothing on Earth to clothe the next 6 generations? In a previous blog, we looked at the benefits of charity or vintage shopping for your work’s Christmas do, and the same applies to your everyday workwear.
  • Whilst some second-hand shops still aren’t open, you can purchase online. Reduce your contribution by avoiding fast fashion and opt for reselling sites such as Depop, Facebook Marketplace and Olio. You can find bargains, brand new or hardly worn from some of your favourite shops.

Tea & coffee: 

Image Credit: cheshirequality.co.uk
  • Did you know that teabags contain plastic? We are putting those plastic particles in our bodies every time we make a cup of tea! It’s time to make the switch to plastic-free tea bags, loose leaf tea and reusable pods in your coffee machines. Wild and Wild in Congleton, The Cheshire Tea Co. and Tatama Coffee are all great small, local businesses for sustainable options.

We hope that these 5 tips help you to make a change for Plastic Free July! Let us know your own tips for reducing plastic in the workplace and at home. For more information check out local cooperative, Scoops and Scales who are working towards bringing a plastic-free store to Macclesfield.