Since we began, supporting other small businesses in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas is everything that Skyzack is about. This in mind, you find yourself at the beginning of our ‘Macclesfield Small Businesses’ feature; an ongoing series of blogs about the wonderful small businesses that make up our town. This series starts as we visit one of the towns oldest businesses, Oldfield Printers.

As a part of Macclesfield’s rich and growing history since the 1920’s, Oldfield Printers has really made its mark on the town. Ever changing and embracing new technology, the business caters to everyone with a fast turnaround, high quality and great prices.

There is always something new to see in their busy workshop; from piles upon piles of papers and inks, to incredible, complex machinery. Take a look at the images below for a glimpse at what Skyzack saw on our recent visit.

Oldfield Printers:

Above: Mountains of supplies fill the back room of the workshop.

Above: Drawers upon drawers of wooden letter print blocks demonstrate Oldfield’s traditional techniques that they mix with modern technology and techniques.

Oldfield Printers is full of both old and new machinery, from the more recognisable to the obscure. It was very interesting to be shown how they work!

Skyzack frequently uses Oldfield Printers services, for any of our printing needs. Having this fantastic workshop on our doorstep is incredibly convenient and visiting Oldfield Printers on Mill Lane is always a pleasure.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at one of Skyzack’s top small, local businesses in Macclesfield. Stay tuned for more in this series!