As you may have noticed, Skyzack has grown again – we have a new team member!

Skyzack has taken on a new addition to the team to help them with their communication and organisation. As Skyzack continues to grow, Fortuna, Tuesday and Aaron are taking on more work, meaning there are more deadlines and therefore that extra organisation and help is needed.

HELLO… My name is OLIVIA:

Hi there! My name is Olivia and I am the newest member of the Skyzack team.

About My Background:

My interest in learning about media and society as well as writing and communications steered me to my undergraduate degree in Communication & Media at Bournemouth University. After realising that my degree was very broad (and that I loved living by the sea of course), I decided to continue my studies and complete a Master’s Degree in Advertising. I wanted a postgraduate course that was going to compliment my undergraduate choice. This in mind, I chose to study Advertising; this was a way in which I could apply my communication skills to an industry where I could really excel.

Come graduation, I found myself struggling to find an exciting job that was going to be the start of my career. These days, the majority of large corporate companies require a minimum of 1 years’ experience, so I found myself in a slight predicament. Although I had experience in various places, the longevity of these placements wasn’t enough.

That’s when I came across Skyzack!

Why Skyzack?:

I came across Skyzack whilst I was looking for local jobs so I decided to contact them, telling them what I could potentially bring to the table and how they could help me in return. The next thing I know, I was invited to the hub for an interview!

The team were instantly welcoming and I knew that this was the exact environment I could see myself working in. I was invited back for a second interview; a long chat and a bite to eat and I was over the moon to be offered the job!

The opportunity I have been given with Skyzack is beyond what I could have asked for as my first job in the industry. There are no limits to what I can learn; with no restrictions on what I can get involved in. This was always such an important characteristic of any job I was applying for.

I cannot wait to get stuck into my role a Skyzack; familiarise myself with all our clients, learn with no boundaries and become a part of the team.

If you have any questions for me, please get in touch at [email protected]