Now, more than ever, it is so important for your business to be online. Many people aren’t going into shops in the same numbers as before and look to social media to find local businesses. Now is your chance to enhance your online offerings to increase customer interaction. It can seem daunting to create online accounts for your business but in time it can be an enjoyable experience. You get the time to share your passion with people who are also interested in what you have to offer them. Skyzack has put together some of the main reasons and benefits to summarise the importance of SMEs online presence in 2020.

Main points – Quick View: 

  • Build your brand.
  • Gain credibility – most people search social media to see how legitimate a company is before purchasing.  
  • Customers can find out what you have to offer.
  • Useful (fast) communication tool.  
  • Building relationships with customers – they can share your product on social media, which could help you to gain other customers.


Social media can be used as a useful communication tool for your business. Want to do an impromptu sale or promote a pop-up stand? Using online platforms can get your message out quickly with no cost involved. Instagram and Facebook stories can be a great way to get people excited about new products or promotions.  

Being online is a great way to build relationships with customers and potential customers. You can answer their enquiries in a more informal manner and get to know what they like.  We would recommend, as previously mentioned, using Instagram and Facebook stories to let people know more about yourself and what you are up to. This can be very short but introduces you to customers. When a customer likes you and your products they are more likely to share it with their friends. This can get your business noticed and increase your customer base.  


Credibility is something else that can be built by having an online presence. Many people check online for a shop or search for a product that they can find in their area. Being online not only helps people to find you but gives your business legitimacy. Many will search online for reviews or just to see if a business is online as it makes them more trusted to some consumers.  

Skyzack can help:

We here at Skyzack can help the process of coming online feel less stressful. It can be overwhelming and you may not have time in your day as you build up your business. We can help by creating a website and helping with SEO so that people can find you more easily. If you don’t know how to use social media then we can take care of that for you by creating the accounts and uploading and creating content to catch people’s attention.

Give us a call on 01625 574111 for a chat, email [email protected] or use our contact page to see how we can help your SMEs online presence!