I’m Emily, a student who has recently done work experience at Skyzack, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was set the task of creating a blog, which is something I had never done before. The content of the blog was left up to me: the only thing required was to incorporate Macclesfield. As I love shopping and fashion, I choose to research that.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love shopping. However, I have heard that the shops in Macclesfield town are not the best and many are empty. So, I thought I would go and take a wander around the town and see if I can pick out reasons why youngsters shouldn’t give as much grief as they do towards the retail industry in Macclesfield.

Surrounding Towns:

Firstly, I discovered that shops that give the thrill of being in fashion may not be available in Macclesfield, but they certainly are in surrounding areas. For example, the city of Manchester is just 19 miles from Macclesfield. Manchester is home to the Trafford Centre, providing a massive amount of shops and services (280 to be precise). This is a huge advantage as it only takes about half an hour to drive and Macclesfield has amazing access to a train station. This is great for the youngsters that are not yet able to drive, or are more environmentally friendly, as trains to Manchester Piccadilly only take around half an hour. These trains run around every 20 minutes and you can buy these tickets from a price of £4.50.

Near to Macclesfield is the famous Alderley edge. Fun fact: in the UK the most champagne that is drunk yearly is in Alderley Edge! This amazing village is wealthy and thriving with celebs and great for high-end designer brand shopping. A big bonus, Alderley edge is only a 7-mile drive away! Yet again if you’re too young to drive a car you can always get the train or bus.

Absolute Bargains:

Who wouldn’t want to grab a bargain? Even though some might argue that Macclesfield isn’t the best for buying new clothes it is quite good for buying second-hand. So, the idea that we need to recycle and treasure our earth has really come through in society. Macclesfield is great for this as it has some good charity shops. Not only do these shops allow for clothes to be reused and not wasted but, it also puts money into charity donations. In many of the charity shops, you can find some higher-end brands for an extremely cheap price. It’s an all-over win-win situation here really isn’t it?! So the next time you’re walking past a charity shop make sure you take second-hand, cheaper clothes into consideration. You never know, you might find more buys in the charity shop than the actual shopping centre itself.   

Why is Macclesfield great?

My local town is in Somerset, only a few miles from Glastonbury (you know that town with all the hippies and the big festival). Glastonbury is full to the brim with crystal shops: which is perfect if you need to realign chakras but hopeless if you need a new pair of trainers. In my town, we only really have a Calvin Klein, Boots and Superdry for us youngsters. I was surprised to find a JD and TK Maxx in Macclesfield as I have to travel at least an hour to get to shops like this.

The public transport in my area is poor compared to Macclesfield: the nearest train station is well over an hour away by car or public transport. This makes shopping difficult for the younger generation, and because of this, I tend to resort to online shopping. It just saves time and effort. I actually think that the youths of Macclesfield are lucky to live in a town with a few decent shops and facilities that allow easy access to bigger shopping centres.

What could be improved in Macclesfield?

I have taken you through the advantages of Macclesfield and clearly, there are plenty. But, I’m just going to touch on things that I feel could be improved. As we have established, Macclesfield is great at recycling and re-using clothes and objects that we need on a day to day basis. However, as I was walking through the town I saw that multiple shops weren’t being used. Perhaps in the future, Macclesfield could add more clothing shops into empty buildings. This could mean that more people would be attracted to the shopping facilities in Macclesfield, preventing the waste of space. If all else fails, maybe one or two crystal shops might benefit the area 😉

Emily – Skyzack Work Experience