With the holidays just around the corner, office Christmas spirit is in full swing. This year, with the growing environmental crisis and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, why not make your office festivities more Earth friendly? Here are our top tips for a fun Eco-friendly Christmas that will have the planet thanking you.

Festive Treats:

If your office has a Christmas cake rota, try making a vegan or dairy-free cake or cookies. This can be a great way to try out new ingredients and recipes whilst reducing your impact on the planet one cake at a time. Ella Mills, British food writer and founder of Deliciously Ella has many great recipes to try out on your colleagues. Alternatively, just substitute the butter and milk for a soya alternative in one of your favourite recipes!

Don’t have time to bake? Macclesfield cafes such as The Button Warehouse and Cherry Blossom Bakery have great vegan and diary-free choices on offer that we love here at Skyzack.

Supermarket Iceland (found on Mill Street in Macclesfield) now offers a plastic free Christmas range. If your office is bringing in food rather than catering this is a fantastic alternative to plastic packaged offerings from elsewhere. It is also good to keep in mind for your own Christmas dinner at home. As another option, pick up some ingredients at a local market (e.g. The Grosvenor Centre) or find a zero waste shop to make your own food for the party.

The Office Secret Santa:

For your gift shopping this year, try buying from a market (the Treacle Market is great for unique gifts), buy local or look for companies that make Eco-friendly presents. This is a lovely way to support small businesses and give a co-worker something really thoughtful for Christmas.

When it comes to wrapping, go old school with recycled brown paper and some string. This is a great substitute and it can be easily decorated and personalised for a special touch. With cards, look for the Forest Stewardship (FCS) mark as this shows responsible sourcing. You should also try to avoid glitter as this cannot be recycled.

Office Decorations:

Have a computer break one day of the week where co-workers can create their own decorations for the tree and around the office. This provides a plastic free alternative while spreading the Christmas spirit and fun throughout the office. Pinterest has some lovely ideas for decorations and you could ask people to bring in their own materials from home.

Festive Outfits:

Got to dress up for the Christmas party? Try finding something to wear in a charity shop or vintage store. If nothing takes you fancy you could borrow from a friend or look for Eco-friendly companies for a stunning outfit.

This Christmas, try some of these tips and carry them onto the New Year to reduce your impact and help the planet. Team up with a colleague for some accountability and swap tips for a more Eco-friendly Christmas and on-going lifestyle.