Digital marketing provides a set of tools to complement traditional marketing allowing small and medium sized businesses in particular to reach a much wider audience with less geographical restrictions thereby increasing significantly the potential for more business locally, nationally and internationally. The key tools of digital marketing include websites, direct emails, social media and the extent to which each one is used has to be decided in the overall marketing strategy not forgetting that it should work hand-in-hand with traditional marketing.

The rise of social media has brought about a new way how businesses are seen and heard which cannot be ignored. Customers today have access to huge amounts of information about products and services they are interested in and this will continue to grow. Therefore, it is important that businesses embrace social media and allow it to become part of their company fabric and not just use it as a marketing tool.

Skyzack demystifies digital marketing by offering solutions tailored to individual business requirements and concentrates on the ‘must-have’ rather than the ‘nice-to-have’. At the same time, we provide measurement and analysis of activity to make sure the most appropriate tools are being used for your business and you are getting maximum benefits from your digital marketing efforts with complete confidence.

Tools include:

  • website enhancement to be more user-friendly and more adaptable and interactive
  • social media dashboard for management including scheduling and tracking
  • direct e-mail marketing, personalised and customised to your requirements
  • creation and design of unique promotional material for online and offline use

As a user-provider, Skyzack has thereby tested and validated all of these digital marketing solutions so we can offer them to you on the same business footing.