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The World of Words: Copywriting and Content Writing Explained

copywriting and content writing imagery

Both copywriting and content writing are key areas of importance in the world of marketing. Imagine having a breath-taking, never seen before, visual for your business… and your company name is misspelt. And that’s all your audience notices.

This highlights the need for proper writing; from the text in your images, to your caption, to your alt text… It all matters to your audience.

With this in mind, we thought we’d cover both types of writing, (we offer services in both…) to make it easier for business owners and beyond to understand what copywriting and content writing mean.

“A copywriter sells, while a content writer informs.”

Jenna Alburger

Copywriting Meaning:

Copywriting is the act of creating written text that is optimised to appeal to a business’s clientele and awareness of the company. There are numerous sub-genres of copywriting, so we’ll go through these in a bit more detail.

Website Copy

So, website copy includes essentially every type of writing on your website pages.

Paragraphs about you and your business, punchy headlines and image alt text, website copy includes a lot!

Social Media Copy

This is referring to your social media post captions and descriptions. Social media captions need to be short and sweet to catch the attention of your viewer, and also hold relevant information to them as well, similarly to ad copy.

You must consider hashtags, tone of voice and text length when it comes to social media copy.

Email Copy

You may have an email you want to send out to your database about a new product you have, or perhaps you’ve recently rebranded, there’s plenty to create email campaigns based upon.

Email copy needs to be focused and engaging for the viewer, especially if you’re giving essential information out to your customers.

Ad Copy

Finally, we have ad copy. Ads are everywhere, meaning, if you’re advertising your business, you need to stand out from the crowd.

This type of copywriting is super focused on captivating customers, and making sure the wording is unique and engaging.

Content Writing Meaning:

Content writing generally refers to your more informative types of content. This type of writing is to engage and give value to your potential customers and keep you in the minds of those who interact with your content.

Content writing is usually more long-form, as there’s more information to include. Some content writing sub-genres are included below.

  • Blog Posts and Articles
  • E-Books
  • How-Tos
  • Guides

Overall, your words matter.

We’ve been working on many different types of copywriting and content writing for our clients recently. There are always words that need to be written. And we’ve made sure to be there for those who need us.

From proofreading/editing to writing copy from scratch, if you need a hand with writing, we’ll be here!

The Skyzack Team

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