Whatever happens in the next few weeks, there’s no doubt that Christmas will be different this year. The festivities we’re used to will be put on hold, and with England in lockdown again, small businesses face yet another difficult month. It all seems very doom and gloom for the “happiest time of the year”, but it’s not all bad news!

The good news is that there’s been a big increase in online shopping this year, and a lot of that has been small businesses! Some of our favourite Macclesfield shops, cafes, and makers have been selling online (see our last blog) and we hope they’re able to continue to do so as much as they need/want.

However, Christmas is one of the most important times for small businesses, and a new website or occasional Facebook posts may not be enough. This in mind, the Skyzack team have put our heads together (socially distanced of course) to share some marketing tips for Christmas 2020.

1. Communicate clearly:

We can’t stress this one enough! With fast-paced changes becoming the norm, it’s so important to keep people informed. Try to keep clear, up-to-date information on your website, social media and Google listing, along with on your business premises window.

Openness and honesty are a must to create a positive experience for your customers, especially this year. Businesses may face extra issues such as staffing, stock levels and delivery delays, but transparency can build customer trust and instil your businesses values.

2. Use email marketing:

Newsletters are another great way to stay in touch, and to increase customer loyalty. By directly sharing any news, products, promos or just saying hello, your business can connect on a more personal level than some other digital methods allow.

3. Celebrate support & loyalty:

In a year where many are under huge financial stress, more people have been supporting small businesses in any way they can. Whether they’re ordering takeaways from your restaurant every week, sharing your social posts or writing a Google review, it all helps. Because of this, we think a genuine thank you message is a lovely idea this Christmas. Maybe even with personalised Christmas cards!

If you can, offering reward schemes or discounts are also great ways to show appreciation and boost loyalty whilst helping customers to cut costs.

4. Support fellow businesses:

Along with thanking those who support your business, remember to return the favour (both as a business and personally). You can share local gift guides and ideas on social and blogs, or even collaborate on a festive project.

Skyzack can help:

There are so many amazing small businesses in Macclesfield and Cheshire, and the Skyzack team is dedicated to supporting them as much as possible. For help with Christmas marketing, to collaborate, or for anything else, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach us through our contact form or call us on 01625 574111.