Skyzack’s parent company, A J Tyzack & Co is just one of the small businesses that has adapted a lot this year. Often travelling and meeting in-person pre-pandemic, they quickly had to operate online and overcome any connected challenges. The Skyzack team understands the importance of your business being online, pandemic or not, but also know the value of meeting face-to-face. As new guidelines and restrictions are announced, many SMEs are left wondering what to do next. How can we plan ahead in such unpredictable times? Below, Jim (AJ Tyzack & Co.’s owner) shares his thoughts with us as we consider the future of business during COVID-19.

A J Tyzack: Guest Blog

As we reach the last few months of 2020, we’re all having to re-evaluate our approach to business. In line with current COVID-19 safety guidance: the future will likely hold a combination of virtual and in-person meetings/events. As this year has shown us, modern-day technology can make communication notably easier, and most importantly during the pandemic, safer. However, the virtual world also has its limitations. Therefore, an amount of (socially distanced) in-person meetings may be necessary for your company.

Virtual vs In-Person: Pros & Cons

Virtual & In-Person Business: Pros & Cons – A J Tyzack & Co.

The above is based on our own research, experience and opinions and is not meant as an exhaustive or official document. All decisions regarding in-person meetings should be made in line with current government guidance. We hope this list can help you to make the best decisions for your organisation, health and others.

Skyzack can help!

These decisions aren’t easy to make, but our Business Support services are here to help your business during COVID-19 (and beyond). To find out more please feel free to get in touch via our contact page or call us on 01625 574111.