Skyzack bought a few new gadgets recently from well-known retailer; Currys PC World, in Macclesfield. As a business support club, we would like to help offer some guidance to other SMEs that may need a little help choosing the correct computers for their business’ needs. With professional advice from our friends at Currys PC World, we have put together a basic guideline of how to decide upon the right computers for your business.

Skyzack’s experience with buying new laptops:

Before our recent upgrade, we had laptops which took a long time to start up, were slow to load up Adobe Photoshop and similar software’s and the screen size was very small for completing design work. This in mind, Jim contacted the Macclesfield store and asked for some information about the different types of computers available. Following this, someone from the store came down to our hub and meet us and we discussed what we wanted. For example, do we need a PC, all-in-one or just another laptop? We came to the conclusion to get laptops, we then said what we need them to do and what we use them for. We ended up with really high-performance laptops, which load programmes fast and have the amount of storage that we need.

So if your business isn’t sure on what you’re after, whether it be a laptop, PC or all-in-one, the teams at Currys PC World are more than happy to come into your office and discuss further the options there are available for you and your business needs.