Becoming paperless not only helps the environment but also reduces costs while delivering the right information to the right people in a fast, effective and highly efficient manner. The best way for us to demonstrate the benefits is to give you the testimonial from A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd who underwent digital transformation.

“A J Tyzack & Co. Ltd has now been transformed into a paperless and transportable office through the implementation of cloud based tools and latest IT software, thereby freeing up the company from a fixed location and reducing overhead costs.
We are using the latest office software in conjunction with an award winning accountancy package. This enables us to manage all our documents in one place from a range of devices and allows us to do our accounts as we go along.

Instead of using a complicated CRM package, we have created our own simple system which collects all information following contact with customers be it from visits, exhibitions/conferences or networking events.

Realising that social media has become an integral part of company operations, and not just for marketing, we have introduced the most suitable platforms to maximise interest in our business.

Through using innovative tools, we have dramatically reduced the use of hard copy literature and our marketing has become more targeted and cost effective.

Everything we have done is upgradable, expandable and scalable and is easily transferable to other small businesses.

The transformation has reduced costs by 30%, increased productivity by 15% and increased sales and profitability by 25%.”