Hi there! We're Skyzack

We are a marketing support company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. We help start-ups, small businesses and community organisations become more visible using both traditional and digital marketing channels.

What we do

From website development to creating content for social media, we can help boost digital presence by offering affordable services tailored to specific business needs. We can combine these digital efforts with traditional marketing through various promotional tools and materials to make sure the businesses we work with are visible online and offline.

We have worked with start-ups and established local businesses and non-profit organisations, to develop their online presence through various digital platforms and channels. You can browse some of our projects below and see what we can to do to help.

Meet the team

Tech Lead & Digital Marketer
Role: Websites, Tech Support & SEO. I like helping start-ups bring their business ideas to life & grow through digital channels. I’ve been with Skyzack since the start, working on websites, optimisation and offering tech & training support to clients and the rest of our team.
Creative & Copywriter
Role: Content Creation, Design & Social Media. I enjoy using a variety of creative practices, both digital and traditional, to support small businesses. Over my time at Skyzack I’ve worked on multiple projects including writing & editing copy, design for social media, print, brand identity & photography.
Founder & Director
Role: Business Development, Support & Mentoring. I started Skyzack because I like bringing people together to help them realise their goals and develop new business ideas. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and young people trying to get into business for the first time.
Digital Campaign Manager
Role: Business Development, Social Media & Websites. I've always enjoyed helping small businesses grow through their online presence. I’m the newest member of the team, working on social media campaigns & strategies both in-house and for our clients, along with coding support.

Skyzack is pleased to be part of the GBC as we share the same values. Skyzack helps small businesses and start-ups with digital marketing, and helps young people get into business. Our people are put in direct contact with our customers so they can learn not just from within the company but also learn about what our customers really do. This has created great two-way and long-lasting business relationships. We do a lot of pro bono work to help the local community and have been paperless for a long time. We look forward to sharing the same values as the GBC for many years to come.